Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Launching Femina Believe, Pune

I've been so busy submitting presentations, assignments, practicals and all that jazz. Finding time to blog and do something I love is so hard these days, now that my exams have started. Wish me luck! :(

These make up products just made it to my Lust List!

Anyway, so today I will be talking about a recent workshop I attended in Pune by Femina Believe. So I really cannot do make up for nuts. All I usually apply is BB cream, kohl and a lipstick. I love lipsticks by the way, If you guys dont already know, hehe!
You only get one chance to make a first impression. From social interactions to professional, this old saying holds true even today. Femina Believe Personality Development Workshops are short intensive courses that enhance skills required to turn first encounters into impressive ones. They have workshops in a variety of subjects pertaining to personality enhancement, ranging from make up apllication to dining etiquettes to effective communication skills and body language. They not only polish participant's skills but also help them shine in any setting. This is achieved by imparting practical knowledge which increases flair, sophistication & confidence.
The make up workshop I attended was on  how to do your make up during the hot summers, when everyone hits the beaches, catches some turf and sips on some fresh Pina Colada! 

So thats my concentrating face! haha!

The summers demand one to look good despite the sweltering heat and its very important for someone like me, who is super lazy to go through the layers of patient application of make up and end up looking tired or with horrible dark circles! :/

Oh, well, Spot Me?

This make up workshop was such a blessing as International make up artist, Amrit Kaur who is also a trainer with Femina Believe, shared some great make up tips and tricks that would make me feel like a sun goddess! 

Amrit Kaur

The four looks shown by her were, Natural Glow for those days when you need to run around college or errands, Bright Bronze for a night out or a dinner party, Flower Power for those fun summery sunday brunches with friends and Amazing Azure for those vacation days when you hit the beach! 

Creating a lovely look on Blogger Shanaya

Spring inspired look on Blogger Natasha

I learnt a lot of awesome easy-peasy tricks that I'm definitely going to apply! I leave you with some pictures! Oh, did I tell you we had some yummy bites as well? ;)


The workshops are conducted in Pune, Mumbai & Delhi. Read more about all of it on
The event was held to showcase some of L'oreal's latest products which we were also given in a super cute goodie bag! I will be talking about the products in one of the upcoming posts.

 Posing with the cute goodie bags!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Stay tuned for the second part where I talk about the goodies by L'oreal that I received from Femina Believe.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Scouting Colleges with Collegedunia

I'm almost done with my MBA studies and I have less than two months as a 'college' student! No more student discounts haha! Off late I seem to miss the initial days I spent scouting colleges before I narrowed in on one. Honestly, at that time it was a real pain to be running around, inquiring about some basic details, looking up colleges on websites etc. 

What I figured out that most of the websites did not mention the fee structures, duration of the course, timings, intake, exam details etc Thus, I had no choice but to run around for days in the hot Indian sun to find out some basic information about the colleges I was interested in.
Recently I heard about a website called Collegedunia . 

On browsing the website, I was so surprised at the amount of important, much-needed information that the website offered about all the colleges, not only in your city but all around India. 

There was information all about the fee structure (Very Important), the course duration, location, exams needed to apply etc. 

Along with that there is also a News section that offers information about the upcoming exam dates, results, syllabus, tips on how to prepare for certain exams etc! 

So basically, I just felt so lame to not have come across this website while I was hunting around for my college! So much for being all well-read and tech-savy! :/

This website is so easy to handle and user-friendly. Even though I was a tad bit too late to use it for my benefit, I will be using this for hunting down some good Arts Colleges for my cousin next year and some great Science Colleges for my brother as well! Such a boon! In case you are on the hunt for some educational information, do check out their website!

  Here's happy me saying buhbyie! Until next time!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Hair Challenge - Complete!

So As you guys read in one of my previous posts, I had taken up the Garnier 30 Day Happy Hair Challenge and What I used for a span of 30 days:

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening Shampoo (Rs. 135 for 175 ml)
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Strengthening Conditioner (Rs. 135 for 175 ml)

So basically this shampoo claims to nourish the scalp, lengthen, and provide the hair tips with triple nutrition using a 3-oil formula. You can even provide ample nourishment to your scalp and strengthen your hair every time you use the products. To add to that, it has a fresh, fruity fragrance! Yum!

It mainly contains:
- Olive oil, which repairs and reduces the split ends
- Coconut oil, which makes the hair 10 times stronger
- Almond oil, which restores a lustrous shine into the hair.

The conditioner also contains the mentioned 3-oil formula, which helps in detangling the hair, making it softer, smoother and a lot more easier to manage.
The shampoo lathers easily and I personally love shampoos that lather easily since it makes my job much easier to clean the scalp and the tips etc due to the sufficient soapy-lather. 

What I liked:
- Fruity fragrance

- Conditioner helps in making the hair soft, smooth and sooo shiny!

- Made my scalp really clean (read ahead for my Holi experience)
- Conditioner gave me tangle-free hair
- I did notice a reduction in the hairfall that I faced initially.

What I disliked:
- My hair tends to get greasy real soon, within 2-3days precisely and I did feel this shampoo sped up that process slightly. Probably due to the 3-oil formula which made the hair soft and shiny as well. So its actually a win-win situation.

Now in between this whole 30 day process, I celebrated the Festival of Colour called Holi with my friends. Little did I know that My hair would turn pink! Yup, it had turned pink in colour and I was so upset since I loved my 'brown coloured hair'. But this shampoo cleaned up all the horrible purple and pink colour from my scalp, and I would wash my hair everyday, trying to get the colour off gradually. Also, since this shampoo lathers up really well, it was smooth and a pleasure to use & in three washes the colour was off completely! I managed the take selfies of the Holi hair change and the process of my fabulous brown shade resurfacing!

Notice my hair all pink and its gradual cleanse?

Will I purchase this again?:
Yes, I definitely will! Its an absolute Value-For-Money. My family was pretty satisfied as well!

Hope you guys enjoyed this one month journey with Garnier along with me!
Let me know your experience in case you'll purchase it!
-Much Love,

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Blue Blossoms

With the spring season reigning the current trends and fashion weeks happening all over the world, I put together a Spring time inspired look. Clean and crisp, this look was infused with the reigning floral trend coupled with a light hint of powder blue.

I paired a light powder blue net skirt, quite a Carrie Bradshaw influence I must say ;) and a floral wrap crop top together. The accessories that completed the look were c/o The Travellers Trove. This online store run by Zahra, stocks up on gorgeous pieces curated from all over the world. Now isn't that an interesting reason for you guys to check out their stuff? ;)

Crop Top, Bag & Skirt: Busy Bee
Pumps: Zara
Accessories: The Travellers Trove

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Garnier Fructis Happy Hair Challenge

So towards the end of February, Garnier sent me their Triple Nutrition Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to use over a period of 30 days. Trust me, it was delivered to me just at the right time since I had finished using the contents of my previous bottle of shampoo and was just deciding to purchase a new one, preferably changing the brand to see if my hair would react better to some newness. 
So basically my hair texture is rough and slightly dull. It's wavy and has light curls towards the bottom which tend to look dry if not conditioned well enough. When I read that this shampoo, infused with coconut, almond & olive oil, promised to make the scalp and the tips stronger and healthier as well as help lengthen them, I was very keen to try it out!! 
I previously used an 'anti frizz' shampoo and post hair wash would put on a leave-in anti frizz serum to tone down the frizz. Initially apprehensive, I tried it out and no this is not a sponsored post so I am being completely honest, this shampoo-conditioner duo worked wonders! 
My hair felt soft, lustrous and shinier somehow!! I loved touching my own hair! I have hair colour on so it tends to get dry but my hair did not seem dry at the tips as well! And what happened to all that frizz? And no, I did not use the serum, just the shampoo and the conditioner! I am definitely buying myself some more to stock up on this shampoo+conditioner!
It's priced humbly at ₹135/- for the shampoo so it isn't even exorbitant for the results that it gives eventually!

These pictures were taken in bright sunlight and I didn't need to add any filters.

Hope you check this post out and definitely give this shampoo and conditioner a try!

Much Love,