Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Chowpatty in Pune

This post was much over due and I finally got some time to myself and made it a point to sit down and dedicate some time to my blog! My love for food is something my readers know by now and when I'm invited for food reviews at restaurants I always manage to take time off to go and savour the various dishes put in front of us bloggers.

This was my second visit to The Bombay Bronx which is a famous hangout joint for many in Pune ever since the famous restaurant decided to open its doors in my city. They came up with a pocket friendly buffet that was laid out Monday to Friday for mere 349 INR which according to me was a great price as it could cater to many right from college students to working professionals looking for a quick bite.

They made sure they added all the elements of Bombay street food. They had salads like American corn salad which I personally didn't quite like as I prefer this particular salad to be much more tangier, Roasted bell pepper salad which had an assortment of bell peppers from red to yellow & green, Stick Salad which was a salad made of carrots & cucumbers chopped in juliennes & a spicy, hot Chana Masala salad, Pani Puri, Sandwiches, Tava dishes served with Pav like Pav Bhaji, Kheema Pav, Anda Bhurji & Tawaa Pulao too.

We were also given some starters from the regular menu & they were yummy like Kothimir Wadi, Dhokla pakoda & Batata wada, Chicken popcorn, Chicken Schezwan & Anda Pakoda! Yum Yum! Quite a spread for just appetizers, isn't it? ;)

For main course they had Chicken Masala, Paneer Mutter Masala, Dal Tadka & Jeera Rice which were yummy and even though the main course spread was limited, the highlight was the street food so it made up for that. For coolers we were given Masala Chaas & Kokum juice served in cutting chai glasses on a chai tray used by the chai walas! So quirky!

For desserts they had Gulab Jamun & Chocolate Brownies! OMG Yummy! I had two huge Gulab Jamuns and still wanted to stuff myself with some brownies haha! The brownies were made of ghee probably is what Aleena told me & thats why it had such a yummy intense taste <3

The Kheema Pav is a must try and the Chicken Baida Roti & of course Paani Puri during Lunch Hours! Also, for the ones who love their alcohol, TBB has some innovative cocktails, do try them out!

All in all I had a great time with my blogger pals and the delicious street food delights. A big thank you to Aleena for some of the pictures as my phone memory was full hehe! In case you would like to try out this place, The Bombay Bronx Pune is located at Dhole Patil Road & for reservations call 9975152575.

Hope you enjoyed this review!
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Friday, 10 July 2015

Perfect Imperfections

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” 

― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

What is Perfection? 
The word "perfection" derives from the Latin "perfectio" which means "to bring to an end"  thus literally means "a finishing"... something which is so good that nothing of the kind could be any better and has attained its purpose of being. 
Would you like to be Perfect? That leaves no scope to learn and mold further? 
But then again, isn't Life all about 'learning and growing' ?? 

We are all perfect in our own imperfections. Learning to celebrate our imperfections, improving with each passing minute & growing as we learn is far better than being 'Perfect', isn't it? 
We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That's what connects us all -- that we're all broken and still so beautifully imperfect.

These thoughts were triggered by all the hatred I've been seeing around lately. All the haters on social media, the ones you encounter even on a daily basis, the ones who can't see someone else grow. I'm not only speaking for myself, but for many who have faced this and still continue to face it. Also, I dealt with something very recently with someone close to my heart.

Personally, I've always been sort of a 'Wild Child' - reckless, imperfect & spontaneous. I've faltered & fallen but I got up, learnt from my mistakes and moved on. No one is Perfect. Just a subtle reminder for all of us here, Learn to celebrate Imperfections! :) 

The gorgeous Flower Crown was specially handmade by Accessory Funk for me to style this look. Go check out their website for more lovely, creative handmade pieces!

Flower Crown: Accessory Funk
On My Nails: Playdate by Essie

This post was dedicated to someone special :)

Hope you enjoyed my post!
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Friday, 3 July 2015

The Boyfriend Shirt

Once in a while a trend comes along where we borrow from the boys - literally. There are so many ways to wear his blue & white striped men's button-down shirt, or his white v-neck tee and for some reason, the color white is always ideal. In fashion design, primarily in ready-to-wear lines, boyfriend is any style of women's clothing that was modified from a corresponding men's garment. Examples include boyfriend jackets, boyfriend jeans, and boyfriend blazers, which are often more unisex or looser in appearance and fit than most women's jackets or trousers, though still designed for the female form. 

There are two main important ways to wear the look: making it oversized, and rolling up the sleeves. The boyfriend trend is all about wearing clothes that look a size too big for the wearer. It is recommended to only go up one size. By rolling up the sleeves, it makes the look more feminine and balances it out while implying that the sleeves would be too long for the wearer's arms. 

I've worn loose clothing almost all my life. For some odd reason, tight and fitted clothing isn't really my style and I opt for loose, airy & comfortable clothing. So the boyfriend shirt trend is what I've followed unintentionally in fact haha! Personally, I would prefer pairing up a dull, striped, loose, oversized boyfriend shirt, with a bright coloured bottom like I've worn red palazzo pants from StalkBuyLove here! 

I've been wanting to style the boyfriend shirt for ages now but never stumbled across a good one considering I'm Single! Uh-Umm! I recently came across two amazing shirts one of which I styled here. Can't wait to shoot the other one! Le bestie, P, styled her daddy's shirt in a super fun look on her blog too! Wait till she uploads hers! Hope you enjoy my look! I had so much fun while shooting it!

Shirt: Thifted
Palazzo Pants: StalkBuyLove
Wedges: Zara
Bag: Marc Fisher
Glasses: Thifted from the streets of Pune
Accessories: Busy Bee, Pune

Hope you loved the pictures!
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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Haute Hippie

As many of you'll already know, "Boho" is an abbreviation of the word "Bohemian".  Boho chic dressing has been around for a while now and was always associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in England. Designer Savannah Miller, elder sister of actress Sienna Miller, described a "real bohemian" as "someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn't know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box"

Recently the Coachella Music Festival that is held every year in the Colorado Desert, made Indie, Boho or Hippie style of dressing quite a rage all over the world. Music festivals that take place all around, see hoards of attendees each time and Boho or hippie style is fairly predominant. 

Personally I'm not a very big fan of the hippie style on myself, but I think it looks great on certain people who can really carry out this particular style! But I'm always open to change and of course, the music festival vibe usually gets me into the boho phase! I wanted to do my own take on this style. Of course I went all out with the flash tattoos that I received in my Sugarbox subscription but if I had to wear this to a music festival in Pune or Mumbai, I'd probably minus the boots, the 'bindis' and the flash tattoos haha! But, Colorado or Miami, well, you know the drill! 

When I was sent this fringed bag by Vida Loca by Karishma Shah, I was really excited to use it as it differed from my usual style. With 'Fringes' reigning the current Fashion scene, I succumbed to the Fringe loving cult haha! Currently this bag is what I carry around daily and trust me, it really does spice up any outfit!!

As for the gorgeous jewelry, Medoso by Shruti Lakhotia, has some fabulous pieces which can be worn even with a pair of ripped denims and a crisp white shirt for a great fusion look or pair it up with good old traditional Indian wear! Very versatile!

Well, we should experiment while we're still young, isn't it? Let me know your views on this experimental take on Indie / Boho / Hippie Style!

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Thrifted
Boots: American Eagle found at Pax, Mumbai
Bag: Vida Loca
Purple Earrings, Blue Ring: Medoso
Vintage Coin Ring: Bought from an Exhibition, Pune
Hand Harness: DIY-ed by Me
Flash Tattoos: Sugarbox
On My Nails: Innocent 944 by Sinful Colors
On My Lips: Indie Flick by NYX

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about this experimental look of mine!
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